It is so very important for our little tender hearts to learn at an early age to read!

Reading encourages your baby to use their senses to point with their fingers, touch and feel, look with their eyes and use their mouth to answer questions.

This helps the child with critical thinking skills and will also develop your baby’s social characteristic recognition skills.

Babies learn and mimic by copying and repeating sounds they hear from their environment, by recognizing pictures, and learning words through reading and talking.

When you read aloud it helps children develop and trust and bond with their parents. Reading helps develop our children’s communication skills. It is very important to start reading as early as possible so that our children can understand this big world around them which gives context to what they see, experience and feel. Even though they may not be as attentive at first, remember they are always listening!

Reading is a way to open the world for your child. Remember to start as early as you can. During pregnancy is a great time to start. Your unborn baby can hear you, even then! Most babies, infants, and toddlers may not pay attention long, but a few minutes a day goes a long way!

Try to implement quiet times through out the day and give the young child a book with pictures, textures and sounds to lure them in. Also try to add nighttime reading to your routine. Add your child’s name in the story to engage them even more!

If you are enthusiastic about reading, your child will be too! So get a little excited! And soon, they will be reading and pointing all by themselves!

We’ve been reading to Iyah since my pregnancy and she’s really engaging with us now, at 19 months old. It’s the cutest thing ever! Here are a few of our favorite books we read.

  • LET’S TALK By Priddy Books,
  • GOD LOVES ME EVERY DAY, by Veggie Tales,
  • GOD LOVES YOU LITTLE ONE, By Dubravka Kolanovic,
  • YOU’RE MY LITTLE BABY, by Eric Carle

Please let us know your favorite books, so we can add them to our collection. Enjoy your video of Iyah and her reading journey! See you on the next post!

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  1. I’m have tears of joy to see how this baby have a Zeal for Gods and actually is aware of what she is reading and naming each object..She have great parents that’ is training her up correctly..Such positive energy….

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