School Wisdom for Parents

1. Don’t tell your child’s teacher how intelligent and gifted your child is. If the child is truly gifted, it will show in the child’s work and classroom participation.

2. Check your child’s backpack daily. If you do your homework each day and check out your child’s carry home bag, your child will do their homework too and you will be kept abreast of upcoming school activities.

3. Don’t use social or athletic activities as a reason for your child to skip homework. If you take time off from work to play, you pay a price. The same should hold true for your child – homework should be done no matter what else is going on.

4. Don’t argue for a better grade for your child with the teacher. Instead, find out why your child was given the grade he/she got.

5. Don’t tell the teacher how well your child did last year. The teacher has school records at his/her disposal and your child will show what they are capable of through class participation and homework that is done.

6. Don’t berate the teacher for telling you that your child has a problem. Instead, discuss possible solutions to the problem.

7. Don’t interrupt the teacher when he/she is teaching. It is rude and sets a poor example for your child as well as the rest of the kids in the classroom.

8. Don’t argue with the teacher in the presence of your child or any other children. Excuse yourself and the teacher from the room if children are present when you go to the classroom to have a discussion with the teacher and a disagreement ensues.

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